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Why Trade Shows? Where else can you share your company with unlimited numbers of potential customers, over a matter of hours or, at most, a few days? Exhibiting your product in this element allows face-to-face interactions, which fortifies brand recognition. This recognition then allows your product or services much needed publicity along with networking and sales opportunities. 

From customers we hear that the main reason they invest in trade shows is to raise the awareness of their company and brand. They feel it builds their brand, the awareness of their products, and improves the name recognition of their company. Raising awareness is even more important for new companies, new exhibitors, or companies entering new geographical or vertical markets. They put in their hard work to ensure their booth is designed to draw attention. The marketing materials are reviewed and reviewed again. Samples which can make or break the show are carefully selected and designed for the most value.

The best way to ensure your most positive exhibit experience is to know your logistics provider is capable of making certain that all elements of the process under their control will be performed with the same care as you have put into your product or service. “Trade show shipments are day specific and time specific. With trade show freight, you have
one chance to get it right,” advises Hubbell. Logistics providers who are experienced in performing the role of preferred carrier for shows have such insights to the needs and requirements of the show in its entirety.

When choosing your trade show carrier, Team Worldwide can provide solutions around operations, experience, service options that meet your needs, warehousing and customer friendly tracking capabilities, to name a few. 

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